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Sovereign Media and Homestead Communications
are privately owned affiliated companies founded in 1992, based in metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Sovereign/HomesteadEnthusiast Mediaidentifies consumer niche markets with avid enthusiasts, and creates high quality content to serve those consumers.

We deliver content in a cross media platform, including subscription-based consumer enthusiast websites, digital subscription based newsletters, digital and print magazines, bookazines, Ebooks, websites, trade shows and other digital media.

Sovereign/Homestead’s growth is organic, leveraging the economies of scale of its existing media properties to launch new products.

Read on for a description of our major products and related companies.


Log Cabin Homes Magazine

The American Dream: A log cabin in the woods, the family homestead to be passed from generation to generation…

The Log Home Dream is stronger than ever, with intense pent-up demand built up from the recession. But there are no practical, hands-on log home magazines which have kept up with the rapidly changing market. It’s a new world and consumers need help on how they can make their log home dream come true. is the go-to source for up to the minute information on building, maintaining, and decorating log homes.


Log Cabin Homes cover
Otaku cover
OTAKU USA Magazine

OTAKU USA is the thick, oversized, full-color magazine with coverage of Japanese Anime, Manga, cosplay, computer games, and all of J-Pop, written from an American point of view.

OtakuUSA logo
Otaku home page

OTAKU USA Magazine Website

This is the hyper-fan site! With over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and growing, members log on for extremely in depth, specific information on anime, manga, and J Pop in general. has built a large vigorous online community of subscribers who request, through double opt-in, several free newsletters each week, informing them on the latest news and gossip in the OTAKU community, along with other emails reviewing the hottest new products. sells apps, digital magazines, print magazines, back issues, and lots of other products to our adoring fans. Advertiser sponsorship opportunities abound between newsletter sponsorships and web banner sponsorships.


SCI FI Magazine is the big, brash, oversized full-color magazine on everything
SCI FI, with the inside edge on the latest from the SCI FI Channel

Sci Fi Magazine is the best source of information about upcoming genre movies, TV shows, books, games, and DVDs. It's full of articles about movie set visits; interviews with top TV and film actors, directors, and producers; and exciting photos.

Read reviews of books, games, and DVDs before they are released, catch up with the latest news, and check out cool collectibles and tech toys.

Sci Fi cover
Warfare History Network logo
WHN home page

Finally, a history portal website amassing the most engaged community of history enthusiasts on the planet!

With over 11,000 keywords SEO’d to garner a huge audience, Warfare History is amassing a large number of daily subscribers, each required to opt in twice, assuring a highly engaged audiene of military history enthusiasts.

WHN’s 4 main channels, WWII, Civil War, Military History and Military Gaming span the military history market to engage history buffs regardless of their main area of interest. provides immediacy to the history market, sells apps, print magazines, digital magazines, and sovereign digital ebooks, and provides multiple advertising opportunities, between our website, our e-newsletters, e-books and free briefings.



WWII History Magazine

WWII History Magazine is the definitive magazine on the history of the most important war ever fought.

Printed in oversize format on thick, glossy paper, WWII History Magazine allows the reader to see the war from a fresh perspective, often from first person accounts of the people who fought the war.

Carefully researched, beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written, WWII History is the highest quality magazine in the field.

WWII History cover
Military Heritage cover

Military Heritage Magazine

Military Heritage is an upscale, high-quality military history magazine, beautifully printed in full color on luxurious paper with lavish illustrations.

Each bimonthly issue will feature authoritative stories that breathe life into the fascinating conflicts that shaped our world.

In depth stories examine the entire history of warfare from ancient times to
Desert Storm.




WWII Quarterly
The Journal of the Second World War

WWII Quarterly has in depth, authoritative accounts of the battles, strategies, tactics, weapons and technology that changed the world forever

This quarterly journal is hard bound for the subscription market, and soft bound for the newsstand market, and is meticulously printed on thick, luxurious paper in full color. The editors of Sovereign Media spare no expense to document the battles like never before.

WWII Quarterly cover

Publishers Service Associates

Based in the college town of Williamsport, PA, Publishers Service Associates is the only subscription fulfillment company built by publishers for publishers.

With a management team of fulfillment professionals unparalleled in the industry, PSA gives its publisher clients huge advantages through technology. PSA’s database enables its publishers to build a unified file system, recording all cross- product purchases by subscriber name, and to mine data from these names for future product purchase.

But that’s not all. PSA’s powerful PSA Complete technology records all web purchases and credit card purchases real-time, allowing our publisher clients to make marketing adjustments in minutes, based on how the subscribers are responding to web or email offers.


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